IPv6 Conformance Test Report for LINUX

as of September 20, 2000.

Done by
TAHI Project
Linux IPv6 Users Group JP
USAGI Project
WIDE Project, V6 Working Group


As of September 22, 2000, The release of Linux-2.4.0 kernel is imminent. Some of new features are introduced into the kernel and the performance of SMP is improved. Regarding IPv6 protocol stack, sin6_scope_id field is introduced and some function are improved.

In spite of some improvement, it still has many problems such as below.

As a result, we think that the IPv6 implementation of Linux is inferior to other ones. In order to make a guideline to improve the implementations, we decide to ask TAHI project for checking IPv6 conformance of the Linux kernel. After checking Linux IPv6 implementation, we try to compare it and KAME implementation which is highly evaluated as a referential IPv6 implementation.

We publish the results because we want to show the reason for improving Linux implementation officially and make a guideline for improving it.

Results of Linux IPv6 implementation

Target Info

Host Test

The result of checking functions as a IPv6 host, such as ICMPv6, NDP, autoconfiguration and so on. There are many failed items in NDP and autoconfiguration sections which are fundamental functions for IPv6 specs.

Results of KAME IPv6 implementation

Target Info

Host Test

In order to compare with Linux implementation, we show the result of KAME implementation, which is already evaluated as a referential IPv6 implementation. The KAME implementation has passed almost all items. Please check the success rate of KAME implementation and Linux one.

2000.9.13, [email protected]