IPv6 Conformance Test For Path MTU Discovery

Linux Kernel 2.2.15
Tool Version :undefined
Test Program Version :undefined

Start:2000/06/12 21:39:56
End :2000/06/12 21:48:19

Item #3 and #5 has been failedĄ§
No.Title ResultLogScriptPacketDump

Initializing the NUT

1Initialization-XX-Link0 Link0


2Test that NUT initialize Path MTUPASSXXXLink0 Link0
3Test that accept RA with MTU OptionFAIL, WhyXXXLink0 Link0
4Test that accept Packet Too Big MessagesPASSXXXLink0 Link0
5Test that host detect Path MTU increaseFAIL, WhyXXXLink0 Link0

This Report was generated by TAHI IPv6 Conformance Test Suite