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[usagi-announce] umip-0.4 release

Announcement of umip-0.4 release

The USAGI Project is pleased to announce the release of umip-0.4
which is a patch set for MIPL2 software suite. umip-0.4 can be
downloaded from the following location:

Userland tarball:

Userland patch set against the previous version:

Since essential kernel patches have been merged into the mainline,
you don't need kernel patches at basic usage.
Kernel patch set:

With the mip6d of umip-0.4, one can leverage MIPv6 protocol (MN/HA/CN)
with or without IPsec configuration. Although the main features of MIPv6
have been confirmed to work as expected with umip-0.4, there are some known
issues and kernel supported versions can be found at